Monday, February 8, 2010

The Power of Mommy Marketing

One thing I’ve enjoyed about being a parent is how I have this new level of connection with people I don’t even know. The other day I was getting my haircut and the discussion drifted to kids: her daughter was 1, and I was able to share about the last 6 months.

During the conversation I mentioned that she’s just starting to flip over regularly and that she’s trying to figure out this crawling thing. My hairdresser then tells me about this “crawl ball” that she got her daughter and that she buys for all her friend's’ baby showers. “It moves, it has lights, it speaks, and she loves it! She’d keep trying to crawl towards it!.”

Now, think about how often you’re told about a “fantastic” new product that you just HAVE to try! Video games, appliances, whatever…people tell you stuff all the time, and my reaction to most of it ranges from disinterest to further investigation online. Yet for some reason, right after my haircut, I found myself at WalMart buying a VTech Move and Crawl Ball.

There’s something about hearing another parent expound the virtues of a children’s product that, as a parent, is stronger marketing than any commercial, article, or marketing material could ever be.

Am I the only one like this?

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