Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Surprise Package from Nestle Good Start

There are tonnes of point programs available to new parents. Pampers, Huggies, Nestle Good Start all offer different programs where people can log on to a website and enter a code which translates to points that can be used towards products, sweepstakes, or coupons.

My wife set up something with Nestle after we switched to their Good Start formula and after signing up she was notified that some coupons would be sent. Great, nice gesture.

Well we got a package in the mail this week and it was quite the package from Nestle!


We got a diaper bag (complete with change pad), a bottle, a can of formula, a free subscription to Baby Magazine, pamphlets…oh yeah, and those coupons!

Very kewl gift and greatly appreciated (I had no problem using the pink-accented diaper bag my wife picked up, but its nice to have a solid-black-more-manly option now ;) )

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